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People Driven

Welcome to the digital home of LEVC – the London EV Company. We are the leading global manufacturer and retailer of purpose-built commercial electric vehicles. We have built the black cab into a global icon and secured its future to our vision of seeing it on the streets of every major city around the world. The road we are set to travel is one we will take together as manufacturer, drivers, owners, and passengers. It’s what we mean by being People Driven. So, despite our traditional choice of colour, the future’s looking incredibly bright.

For drivers and owners

Our vehicles are the professional choice for drivers and fleet operators worldwide. From our exclusive black cabs and bespoke financial services, to genuine parts and care, this is where you’ll find everything we do. Here, you can value your existing vehicle, follow our latest news, and see how we’re supporting you in a challenging market and political arena.

For passengers

A connected experience, always. From a choice of apps for booking with ease, to rolling out onboard Wi-Fi and engaging via our social media channels, this is where you’ll find everything we are. With user-orientated features, and design that allows for easy city street navigation, choosing where to go is a far harder decision than who should get you there. When it comes to taking a taxi, don’t gamble. Bet on black.

New Cars

View our wide range of cars featuring Suzuki, Kia and MG. Large stock available.

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